To realise its goal to be an industry leader from one generation to the next, Shin Hwa World develops and operates in a way that supports the long-term viability of its business. It is Shin Hwa World’s development philosophy to “be localized”. Shin Hwa World incorporates local historical, traditional and cultural features into its architecture and content of its resorts, and seeks to be a socially responsible corporate citizen, transform the tourism landscape, create many job opportunities and contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Jeju Shinhwa World

Contributing greatly to Jeju’s tourism industry

Shin Hwa World has significantly contributed to the growth of Jeju’s tourism industry. By developing and operating a world-class integrated leisure and entertainment destination resort, Shin Hwa World has contributed in transforming the tourism landscape, and revitalizing the local economy while preserving the local culture and tradition at the same time.

Transforming Korea’s tourism landscape

Shin Hwa World has made the single largest foreign direct investment in Korea. It has invested over US$1.5 billion of foreign direct investment through its wholly-owned subsidiary Landing Jeju Development Co., Ltd since September 2013. Its very own integrated leisure and entertainment destination resort, Jeju Shinhwa World, is the largest and the only integrated resort with world-class facilities to accommodate local and foreign tourists who would like to experience luxe living in Jeju.

The world class integrated destination resort is expected to attract millions of foreign and domestic visitors, as well as create thousands of job opportunities.

Revitalizing the local economy

Aside from transforming the tourism landscape, Shin Hwa World also brings economic and social benefits to its local community. Jeju Shinwha World currently employs approximately 1,500 employees directly and is expected to create more direct and indirect employment opportunities for the locals.

Its partnerships with local enterprises such as Shinsegae, as well as international enterprises such as Marriott and Somerset, shall deliver premium guest experiences that every tourist is looking for. The Group is also an active participant in local community welfare by supporting local community associations through funding local development projects and scholarship grants.

Integrating local culture and tradition

Through Jeju Shinhwa World, Shin Hwa World ensures integration of local culture, tradition and trends in the premiere tourist destination for an enhanced customer experience. The leisure and entertainment destination resort utilizes and demonstrates every facet of domestic cultural elements such as architecture, art-craft design, geography, cuisines, animation, lifestyle, and music and sports among others.